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US Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe U S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the U S Department of Labor is the principal federal agency that monitors the labor market for employment levels, working conditions, and salary trends. It collects, analyzes and disseminates statistics on labor economics.

This Bright Hub guide contains a library collection of well-written articles that use the statistics and data provided by US Bureau of Labor Statistics to provide users with insightful, meaningful, and relevant information, helping you make informed decisions regarding careers. Read, for instance, an overview of the best careers for the future, top paying jobs, careers with highest growth potential and more.

Latest Articles on U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics
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Finding Home-Based Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities exist for medical transcriptionists who work out of their homes. The prospects are especially good for those who...

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    Career Facts About a Wildlife Biologist

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