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Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series caught the imagination of teens, tweens and more. Sparkly vampires are an innovation for the vampire mythos, and they found an appreciative audience. Twilight spread from reader to non-reader, child to parent, and friend to friend, growing in popularity with each novel in the series. She has brought students who never opened a book that was not an assignment to eager arguing fanaticism- both males and females. Bella and Edward are now names as well-known as Harry Potter.bit of light reading by lu_lu on Flickr

Bright Hub writers have written on Twilight in the classroom, to encourage reluctant readers, and use as a tool for teaching plot, conflict and characterization. You can read about books to read after you read everything Stephanie Meyer wrote, and an article giving a Twilight lesson Plan.

Vampire romance is the heart of the Twilight series, but her vampires differ from classics like Dracula. Vampires of other types appear in popular online games, and Bright Hub reviews Twilight iPhone apps for the diehard fan.

image: bit of light reading by lu_lu on Flickr

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