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An occasional strategy game is a great way to relax. What's not like to about one that combines roleplaying elements with it and takes place in Ancient Greece?

Tradewinds Odyssey Walkthroughs and Guide

tradewinds odyssey purchasing screenTradewinds Odyssey may not be the most complex strategy and combination role-playing game out there, but it is one of the few that can be played on many computers. Its relatively low specs mean that almost anyone can enjoy it. Many netbooks can run the programs without additional equipment.

Whether you choose the Athlete, Cynic, Priestess, Minotaur and Goddess, this Tradewinds Odyssey Guide can help a person figure out how he can trade and fight his way to the top of the world. Sandlot provided the games. A player can use the guides on Bright hub to help him get through it.