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LOTRO: Guide to Thorin’s Hall

Thorin's HallThe great halls of Thorin, delved beneath the Ered Luin in western Middle-earth are amongst the greatest wonders of craftsmanship and building found anywhere in the world. - LOTRO Lorebook

Thorin's Hall is one of the four great cities in Lord of the Rings Online, and the only one found completely "indoors." Home to the dwarves, Thorin's Hall is built into the Blue Mountains and provides all city functions: trainers, crafting halls, events, bards, vendors, banks, the auction house, and a homestead (player housing). This is the only main city that offers a Superior Forge.

Thorin's Hall also has its own reputation, that which represents the Longbeard dwarves. Reputation grants a swift travel to Thorin's Hall, expert crafting vendors, and special crafting recipes.

Enjoy the below guides, which will help you in your travels amongst Thorin's Hall in Lord of the Rings Online.