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The Sims Guide: Expansion Packs, Mods, Tips And Walkthroughs

mainimageElectronic Arts and Maxis created a truly groundbreaking game when they released The Sims into the market, opening a pathway into a whole new era of interactive gaming that seen the player controller the lives of 3D characters who were just trying to live their life. The game doesn’t just stop at being a gateway into controlling the fictional lives of simulated humans, it also contains the option for sculpting the game world to the liking of the player using mods, custom textures, new furniture, vehicles, houses and skins, including famous celebrities, singers and personalities.

This Sims guide for mods, skins, walkthroughs, tips, expansion packs and hints on playing and modifying the game will open the floodgates for all things related to EA’s popular franchise and you can find everything you’re looking for right here at Bright Hub.