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Sony has produced Playstation consoles and games for years with great success. I love the Playstation console and games. Beginning with the earlier consoles, I have played many of the PS games and now dabble in the game play on the PS3 as well. Keep on gamin'!
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PS3 at CEATEC 2006 (vertical)Even with the battle of who is best, the PS3 or the X-box, I have found the PS3 to be a fun system that has had very little problem in staying "alive" for years of use. The PS3 console has a wide variety of game choice and can also play DVD's as well as the games. If you own a PS3 or have thought of purchasing one, it is essential that you check out the articles written by the experts at Bright Hub. Insights into new games, reviews, tips, walk-thru's and how to hook your PS3 up to various other equipment is covered by the Bright Hub staff. Make the most of your gaming experience - educate yourself on what your PS3 is capable of or how to beat that final boss in your favorite game with the expert content on Bright Hub.

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