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The Wii was the first new generation consoles that I bought and I certainly enjoyed it, with the ability to actually get within a game with the little Miis. I enjoyed some of the games that would incorporate Miis in them as you played.
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Since it's first release in 2006, the Nintendo Wii is still a popular choice for the current game console generation, selling over 80 millionThe Nintendo Wii Guide: Recent & Most Popular Articles units so far and even hititng a world record for most consoles sold in 2009. One of the most popular feature of the console was the ability to reach more casual gamers and that of families compared to competitors Microsoft and Sony; the concept of needing to actually do some of the tasks of a game was appealing - many of the games for the Wii require the player to stand, jump, run, or other activities.

The Nintendo Wii ushered in a new innovation when it came to players really feeling like their were in a video game and making it more of a personal experience with the creation or downloading of Miis.