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The Great Gatsby an American Dream

The Great Gatsby resembles the American dream manifested along with the struggles between the rich and the poor, which are the ying and yang of our society even today. I believe Owl Eye's observation to Nick about the untouched, unread beautiful books in the library at Gatsby's saturday night party sums up the lives of Tom, Daisy, Jordan and Gatsby. They had all achieved a resemblance of the American dream, but unfortunately they were all glitz and glamour, just for show, and lacked what truly makes us rich.

During the story the characters realize the emptiness of their lives despite their wealth. All the wealthy characters in The Great Gatsby are not happy or satisfied. Tom, Daisy, Jordan and Gatsby continually searched through affairs, alcoholism, and schemes for the happiness one can only find in oneself. In the end, Nick returns to his roots and realizes the fallacies between the economical and poltical classes and begins his own search for the true American dream.

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