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I wanted to set up and promote the large number of articles dealing with text based iPhone MMO RPGs, many of which I wrote and have a lot of background with.
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Guide to Text-Based iPhone MMOs

mzl.hchjdfup.320x480-75The ultra-connectivity and the social networking features of the iPhone have ushered in a series of popular games that never would have cropped up in a previous generation. MMO text-based-iPhone games, especially RPGs, became incredibly popular by bringing in consistent profiling, a Friend Code system that was familiar to users of FaceBook and MySpace, the ability to challenge other profiles and build up your own, and even a financial commitment in the form of Respect Points.

Now there are dozens of different types of MMO text-based iPhone games from companies like The Godfather, PlayMesh, Zynga, Storm8, and more. From here they run the theme gammet from Vampires to Pirates, Robots to the Mafia, War to Zombies. At the fundamental core these games go for a series of strategies, a way to communicate Friend Codes and ways to create networks, and the ability to create characters that will dominate among the communities.

Here are articles that deal with different MMP text-based-iPhone games and RPGs, each who take their own interpretation and sets of needed strategies to this genre.

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