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terminal window screenshotA terminal window is used to provide a text based interface to the underlying operating system. Operating systems like Linux use the terminal window extensively to perform system administration tasks, modifying the file system, running applications and more.

The terminal window can offer a very quick and concise way to interact with an operating system, but the commands that are used can be quite obscure and difficult to understand for beginners. In this guide you will find articles that show you how to perform common tasks from the terminal window, how to customize the terminal window to allow you to run your favorite commands quickly, and show you some of the cools things that can be done from the terminal window.

Latest Articles on Terminal Window
8 Useful Mac OS X Command Line Utilities You Might Not Know About

Mac OS X includes many Command Line utilities that you might not be aware of. These utilities can save you a lot of time and are often necessary for every day operation...

Dropping to the Command Line

If you use the command line, you probably hate (or, at least, dislike) having to open a terminal window whenever you you need to do something there. With Tilda, all you have...

Most Popular Articles on Terminal Window
    Ripping Audio CDs at the Command Line

    There are a number of excellent GUI tools in Linux for converting the contents of an audio CD to a digital format like MP3. While these tools are good, sometimes nothing beats the command line for getting...

    Undead and Open Source: Zombie Processes in Linux Explained

    You might have seen zombie processes listed along with your Linux computer's other processes. But what are they and why cant they be killed like normal processes?...

    Combining PDFs at the command line

    Combining multiple PDFs into one file is easy. Just turn to the command line and run Ghostscript. It's a quick and effective way to mash PDF files together....

    Linux File Compression - CRC Errors

    A common error Linux users often see when uncompressing RAR and ZIP files is the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error. In this article we explain what is a CRC error and how you can correct it....

    Starting, Stopping and Managing Jobs in the Ubuntu Terminal

    Ubuntu, like other Linux distributions, can use a keyboard shortcut to stop jobs currently executing in the terminal. You can use a variety of terminal commands to start stopped jobs in the foreground...

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