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As a child, I desired to be an astronomer. I always admired top-quality optics. As it turns out, I became a chemist employed by a radio astronomy observatory!
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Comprehensive Guide to the History and Usage of Telescopes

From Galileo’s 1609 invention to today’s Hubble device, the history of the telescope is a rich one. It is also a technology not out of financial reach for many families. Although the first optical telescopes were refractors, today there is a variety of types, including Newtonian, Cassegrain, Catadioptric, and Dobsonian reflectors. Such telescopes take advantage of ordinary light. However, the electromagnetic spectrum is broader, and today there are radio telescopes—even x-ray telescopes, such as that used at the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Learn about the history, choosing, and usage of telescopes through articles written by your knowledgeable Bright Hub contributors.

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