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Guide to Tales of Monkey Island

tales of monkey islandIn Tales of Monkey Island, by Telltale Games and LucasArts, players become Guybrush Threepwood. This kindhearted navigator is on a mission to stop an undead pirate named LeChuck. Guybrush’s adventures are broken into episodes or chapters that require players to use strategy and puzzle solving skills to progress.

Whether it’s rescuing his lovely wife Elaine, finding the key to eternal life, or preventing a nasty virus outbreak an adventure is sure to be found. The legacy of Tales of Monkey Island lives on through a series of revised editions released for the PC, Wii, and other console systems.

In this extensive guide avid fans or those new to the exciting adventure game can browse through a variety of helpful articles. Discover the best websites to download a specific chapter or locate free torrent files. Find a Tales of Monkey Island walkthrough for a tricky chapter or an essential hint to assist in solving one of the many puzzles hidden in the game. Regardless of which platform you’re using Bright Hub’s expert panel of writers have tips to help swashbuckling pirates unlock the secret of these mystic isles.