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Survival horror games have been a guilty pleasure of mine since a friend gave me a copy of Resident Evil: The Director's Cut back in the 1990s. Since then, I have played nearly every survival horror game I could get my hands on, including Kuon, Deadly Premonition and Dino Crisis.
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Silent Hill 2Horror fans never rest easily. Likewise, hardcore fans of suvival horror games like the Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Fatal Frame series are always looking over their shoulders. Of course, what they're looking for is the next good survival horror game. Atmosphere, music and a compelling story are all necessities for great games, but the best of these offer that special something else that sets them apart from an ordinary action-adventure title. Survival horror games aren't fun unless you are forced to run, hide or otherwise evade your enemies to some degree, and having to guardedly ration out your health and ammunition contributes to a deliciously nerve-wracking experience.