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Best Survival Horror Games

Screenshot From Resident Evil III - One of the Best Horror PC Games That Revolutionized the Survival Horror GenreWhen you think of survival horror games, the first thing that comes to mind is “survival”. Yes, a survival horror video game heavily deemphasizes combat elements and focuses more on avoiding direct confrontation with the enemy. It also has several haunted areas to explore, tricky inventory-based and logical puzzles to solve and many difficult maze-like settings to navigate in order to survive.

While most of you know that Resident Evil is an epitome of survival horror, some of you may be surprised to know that games like Alone in the Dark and Sweet Home had survival horror elements, making them the forefathers of the current horror sub-genre.

Today, there are many video games for the console and PC platforms that have all the elements of the survival horror genre, be it the creepy atmosphere, low emphasis on combat and mind-boggling puzzles. This guide presents news, reviews, walkthroughs and cheats on some of the best horror pc games and survival horror console games for horror buffs.