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Organized street racing is not that big a deal in South Africa. Occasionally though, there are the odd organized street racing events that occur which are more frequented by the actual car owners than the avid enthusiasts. Racing games, however, are extremely popular all over the world.
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Ferrari - www.morguefile.comEver since the advent of the first Fast and Furious movie a few years back, the worldwide interest in street racing and car modifications has increased exponentially. Standard factory produced cars are no longer sufficient in providing racing enthusiasts the thrill, excitement, power output, torque, handling and overall maneuverability that a modified car can achieve.

This thrill and excitement, however, is not only limited to real cars and actual tangible changes on a car. In today’s day and age, the adrenalin rush that would ideally be experienced by an owner of a modified automobile, can now also be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home with a range of consoles, gaming devices, software and games available. Gaming also allows the individual to experience a realistic simulation of what driving a performance car would be like. In this guide to street racing, Brighthub readers can now enjoy the latest and most relevant topics on what the street racing scene has to offer.

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