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Street Fighter IV Fighting Game Guide

Street Fighter IV ScreenshotStreet Fighter (SF) evolved from a plain coin-operated arcade game to an engaging fighting game with a popularity ranking as high as Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter IV is one of the best SF games produced by Capcom. One of the unique aspects of SF IV is its graphics. During fights, the game’s deceptively-looking 2D background moves in 3D in a dramatic fashion when the character performs some special combo moves over his opponent. The hand-drawn characters and backgrounds look impressively innovative, reminding you of any manga games you’ve played recently.

SF IV’s impressive gameplay features several new martial arts moves and combos and many additional innovations. There are many costumes to collect, moves and fighting tactics to learn. This Street Fighter IV guide boasts some of the best guides about playable characters, villains, character customization and costume unlockables that a hardcore Street Fighter always hunts for!