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As a writer and educator, if it weren't for sticky notes, my life would be a misery! Sharing information on how to use this little tool in unique and helpful ways is a privilege!
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Sticky Notes: Organizational Tools, Tips & Tricks

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Did you ever think of using sticky notes to build friendships, prepare taxes or teach lessons? Sticky notes, a handy organizational aid created in 1977 by a man who wanted to keep his hymnal page, have found their way into every corner of our lives. Whether they are stuck to the dashboard of your car, placed on the front of a storage container or affixed to a classroom wall, sticky notes help make our life much easier. Environmentally concerned? Desktop stick notes help you keep order in your computer without the paper. This guide will give readers, whether educators, parents, computer techies, managers or students, ways of applying sticky notes to the various areas of their lives!

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