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I can't even begin to imagine what my grandchildren will be seeing in the scientific field as they grow old. The advances in stem cell research have opened an entirely new discipline of growing and manipulating the human body on the smallest scale. I am honored to edit this guide. I hope you enjoy!
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Stem Cell Research - Your Guide To The Incredible Science of Stem Cells

Mouse embryonic stem cells

Stem cells are the unspecialized cells of the body. They can be molded into any number of shapes. Scientists are learning how to grow all different kinds of cells that can be used to replenish diseased cells. This fascinating science has only just begun. Before we know it, there are going to be scientists that are creating cures for diseases that were previously unbeatable.

Stem cell research is truly the cutting edge of medical science, providing a bright beacon of hope for those with incurable diseases that are looking for what was previously an impossible solution. Take the time to read a few of the phenomenal articles about stem cells and get up to date on this breakthrough new science.

Image: Wikimedia Commons- ChongDae - Embryonic Mouse Stem Cells

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