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800px-Cancer stem cells text resized.svgStem cell research was banned in the United States during the Bush administration. Technically, it was a specific type of stem cell research that was banned. Doctors and medical scientists believe that this new biotechnology field may produce cures for many genetic conditions and provide a way to cure paralysis caused by nerve damage.

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Latest Articles on Stem Cell Research
Famous Genetic Scientists: Hwang Woo-Suk

South Korea's Hwang Woo-Suk is one of the most famous genetic scientists in the world. However, this fame is now largely due to his fall from grace for faking his stem cell research...

The Cutting Edge of Stem Cell Research

Find out the latest advances in stem cell research. Stem cell treatments for Parkinson's disease, bone injuries, and the side effects of cancer treatment are on the horizon....

Cloning Human Embryos: Possibilities and Controversies

To clone a human embryo is to produce another embryo with identical genetic makeup. This process has huge potential: scientists can turn stem cells harvested from cloned embryos...

Stem Cell Research And Future Challenges

The history of stem cell research is quite exciting, which has also been tainted with controversies and debate. The following article discusses on the history of stem cells research...

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More About Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Tissue Engineering

Stem cell tissue engineering has offered us a new and improved way to treat illnesses and diseases. Adult stem cells are proving themselves useful in tissue engineering....

James Thomson and Stem Cell Research

Find out more about the fascinating career of the cell biologist James Thomson who has carried out so much pioneering work in human stem cells and stem cell research....