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Guide to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online ScreenshotA massively multiplayer online role playing game in the endless realms of the universe – sounds interesting! Well, Star Trek Online (STO) combines the fun of exploring the universe with the excitement of tactical ship combat. It is one of very few MMORPGs with a space combat theme. Using their own virtual ships, players engage in “run and gun” and strategic combat online.

STO has everything an RPG fan wants – from player and spaceship customization to upgrades, weapons and quests, all in the endless realms of space. Players can also explore undiscovered realms in the universe, including strange anomalies in unexplored star systems that provide new resources, technologies, upgrades and combat missions. Well, by playing Star Trek Online, you can “boldly go where no man has gone before”!

This in-depth Star Trek guide has everything an STO fan wants, including guides to ship weaponry, diplomatic orders, ship customizations, character creations and other Star Trek Online skills.

Screenshot, Courtesy - Star Trek Online