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Growing up in South Boston, MA, the celebration St. Patrick's Day was an observance that was simply part of my culture. A family tradition, this was a day for reunion, food, festivities and song. The Irish-American traditions of waxing poetic nurtured my call to be a writer and teacher of writing.
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Celebrating St. Patrick: An Irish-American Tradition


Ireland and St. Patrick have a long history in the United States centering mainly on the Irish immigrants of Boston and New York. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day has become a tradition throughout the U.S. as well as other areas of the world. However, there is more to Ireland than St. Patrick's Day parades and green beer. The Irish have a rich and tenacious culture. Often thought of as master storytellers, the Irish have a long history of myth, poetry and folklore, which has become popular worldwide. Their language, Gaelic, was almost lost due to colonization, but has recently been revived in Ireland and U.S. Gaelic newspapers, schools and organizations can be found in Boston and New York. With the increasing interest in all things Irish, the need for information and resources has become progressively more important. This guide offers glimpses of Irish history, facts on St. Patrick, Irish and Celtic fonts, recipes, bilingual sayings, lesson plans and much more. This resource takes the researcher to the end of the rainbow and beyond!

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