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Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders, but it is impossible to resist an informative write-up on a black widow. The reader gains an insight into this fascinating eight-legged animal that might just replace the fear of the spider with some grudging respect.

Of course, if the real thing is just too creepy, why not find out about the many types of spiders that inhabit the virtual world? Dragon Age is a favorite role-playing game that keeps the serious gamer busy with the angry arachnids that seem to come out of nowhere. In World of Warcraft, WoW players know that Starbreeze Village quests require the collection of their legs. Once again, arachnids carry the day in the virtual world!

Preschool lesson plans also deal with spiders, but this time around it is the Incy Wincy Spider, which is cute and small – and not at all scary. In fact, it calls for some great spaghetti crafts! Yummy!

If it is still difficult to identify spiders as being something other than eight-legged invaders to the household, remember that the Japanese belief of good luck strongly cautions against killing a spider inside. This fascinating insight into Japanese culture is a must-read.

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