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As an educator, one of my first positions was as the one-on-one aide for a child with multiple handicaps. Coordinating his therapies into the classroom gave me a sincere appreciation for special education and the needs of children with special needs.
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What You Should Know About Special Needs

For parents and teachers of students with special needs the feeling of helplessness when searching for information on how to best meet 750px-US Navy 041127-N-8801B-080 Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Gerardo Reyes, assigned to the amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2), spends time on a community relations visit to the Dubai Center for Special Needsthe needs of the child is frustrating. The ability to find the most current data on assistive devices, curriculum, assessment, and issues such as bullying, makes the task of teaching as well as parenting much easier. There is nothing more exasperating than needing to put your fingers on how to assess your child's motor skills or what aids would be best to have in your classroom for a child with autism only to find that there are other issues to consider. However, there is either nowhere else to look or you have to find another source for the information. This guide not only offers numerous articles on special needs, but also, contained within the articles are further links to additional information.

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Laws Related to Discrimination Against Special Needs in the Workplace

If you have special needs as a worker, how do you know you will be protected at work from discrimination? This article provides an overview of the federal laws as they pertain to...

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: An Overview

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) is an act of Congress enacted in 1975 to ensure a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for students with special...

Using Humor as a Tool for Effective Learning of Disabled Children

Using humor for effective learning of disabled children will help the teacher to achieve success in academic and social behavior of special needs children. Fun with special needs students...

Is Montessori a Good Choice for Students with Special Needs Such as Autism

The Montessori-special education link has not been studied extensively, but there are several reasons to assume that students with special needs, especially those with autism, would...

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Mental Stress- A Hindrance in the Path of Learning for Special Needs Children

Special needs children have to face several stressful situations in their learning communities, which may cause academic and behavioral damage to their physical, mental and emotional...

Junk Foods Cause Hyperactivity in Special Needs Students

Junk foods provide very few nutrients and expand waistlines, but did you know they also impair learning? Sugar and food additives make it difficult for special needs students to...