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Parabolic Dish with Stirling Engine - Wikimedia Commons - Courtesy Schlaich Bergermann und PartnerThe term solar radiation or solar power refers to the complete energy spectrum radiated from the sun. Direct sunlight includes infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light energies. These energies can be recorded, photographed (as in eclipses and auroras or for coronal and sunspot study), and utilized in devices such as solar cells or passive solar collectors. Parabolic Dish-Stirling Engine Technology increases efficiency in utilizing solar power. Solar energy is free and clean—hence, green.

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Have you ever wondered how to capture those brilliant Northern or Southern Lights in the sky with your camera? Here are some tips on photographing that colorful show in the sky...

Solar Insolation Data for Passive Solar Heating at Your Location in the U.S.

The rate of solar radiation striking a surface per unit area is called solar insolation or total solar irradiance. For passive solar heating design calculations, solar insolation on...

How Volcanic Ash Affects the Environment

When a volcano erupts, millions of tons of ash can be forced into the atmosphere. Acidic aerosols may remain in the stratosphere for several years and ash clouds may persist for weeks...

Estimating Solar Radiation Rate to the Tilted Surface of a Solar Panel in the U.S.

Estimation of solar radiation on a tilted surface is part of designing a solar power or solar thermal system. The tilted surface would be a solar panel for a pv solar power system or...

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Solar energy is solar radiation that travels from the sun to the earth as electromagnetic waves and is then converted to useful energy. Visible light, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet...

Solar Energy: Harnessing the Natural Oven (Part III)

The sun is a huge ball of fire which gives light and energy to life on this earth. Apart from the energy which is derived by the plants in human food chain, there is another way of...