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Social media is an essential component of the evolving global community, creating connections between strangers and bringing like-minded people together. The global community in its many aspects is a continuing interest of mine.
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Social Media: Friends, Information and Community around the Globe

Social media is an Internet phenomena. Virtually anyone over the age of 13 can join sites like Facebook and MySpace, where they canofficial twitter logo interact online with a group of friends. Twitter lets people offer commentary on anything and everything - and can be a source of new trends and stories long before offline media provides any information. President Obama has a twitter account, and so do I. Social media is one of the means that create a global community. Fun, friendly, and, unfortunately, a vast pool of information for phishers. There is a new awareness of how easy it is for others to get private information that you and your friends provide.

Businesses are also trying to utilize social media to create a different sort of awareness of what they offer. The Mexican restaurant down the road from me has a Facebook page, and occasionally offers specials to readers who appear on their doorstep. It is also perceived as a tool that can help SEO (search engine optimization) by creating awareness of available content. Social media, like the global community it is part of, is still evolving.

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