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Animal behavioral ecology is a fascinating subject. The complex social structures and interactions of social animals even more so. Learning more about social animal behavior in wild populations may help us to resolve unsocial behavior in domesticated companion animals such as dogs, horses & parrots.
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Animals use many different strategies to ensure their survival. Social animals have evolved a strategy of forming large communal groups or herds to increase their chances of survival. There are a multitude of benefits to using this survival strategy. For prey animals, there is often safety in numbers, and by forming a large herd or flock, animals are afforded more security. For predators, hunting in packs is often far more beneficial than hunting alone. Some social animals, such as primates and meerkats, and insects such as ants and bees, have a complex social hierarchy, and depending on the animal's social status within the group, they are responsible for different group functions. The articles in this guide provide in-depth information and facts to help you learn more about social behavior in animals, giving insight on how animals communicate, and the social hierarchy some animals exhibit.

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