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Slackware Dead? or Alive? You Decide

Dare To SLackwareSlackware is one of the oldest Linux Distributions. The first version released in 1993. Currently Slackware is releasing one version a year (maybe even less) or so. The current version is 13.1 and was released May 2010. Slackware is not known for it's ease of use. Some early design choices made by it's lead developer Patrick Volkerding, are the cause of this. Slackware stands apart in the Linux world, it doesn't have it's own dependency resolution for instance, leaving finding and resolving dependencies up to the user.

Slackware was one of the few distributions with a 32-bit only architecture. until the release of 13.1, support for 64-bit was solely provided by unofficial Slack ports. This is also one of the few distro's without a Live CD. In order to obtain a live cd you will have to download the Slax port.

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