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Heather Marie Kosur is a linguist who has written about the four types of sentences in English including simple sentences.
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Guide to Simple Sentences: Grammar, Lesson Plans, Activities, and More

Formula for Simple Sentences: Heather Marie KosurA sentence is a grammatically complete group of words that contains at least one grammatical subject and one predicate that form at least one verb clause, a grammatical form that other grammars refer to as main, independent, matrix, and superordinate clauses. Simple sentences are a type of sentence that contain only one verb clause. Examples of simple sentences include The monkey stole the banana in English, Doce gatos van al festival in Spanish, and Eine traurige Frau sitzt alleine in German.

Students looking for information about the simple sentence need look no further than the following grammar guide on simple sentences. Learn to form a simple sentence in many languages including English, Spanish, German, and Scots Gaelic. Find lesson plans and activities for teaching the four types of sentences including the simple sentence. Even the most complex questions will find answers in this guide to simple sentences.

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