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SegaSega history dates back to the early 50s when David Rosen an American solider decided to continue in Japan to form his own business after his tour of duty ended. Although originally named after its founder as Rosen Enterprises during the 1965 merge with coin machine manufacturer Service Games the company was known as SEGA. Later other investors joined. They started developing arcades and games for console systems in 1986 giving the popular Nintendo franchise serious competition.

Over the next decade innovative gaming gear and various systems were developed. Nintendo’s official mascot Mario had a new rival in the 90s from Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog game series. The gaming industry became fierce increasing the need for more games utilizing evolving cutting edge technology. The company’s original CEO Rosen retired and in 2001 the infamous corporation switched its focus to producing interactive digital entertainment media for a wide variety of platforms.

Today, lightening speed Sonic and Mario still battle it out in revised editions of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing games and their own continued series. Creating PC, PlayStation3, Xbox 360 games, and other games the company remains a major player in the world of entertainment. In this extensive guide you’ll find articles written by our Bright Hub community on how to play Sega games online, lists of classics, info on new upcoming games, Sonic the Hedgehog updates, and great where to buy or download tips for various console systems.

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