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Guide To Saints Row 2 For Xbox 360, PS3 And PC

Saints Row 2THQ and Volition Interactive went over and beyond to make one of the most absurd, crude, juvenile and sexually grotesque games to come out since Postal 2. The name of that game was Saints Row 2. It was the sequel to popular open-world action game of the same name that released back in 2006 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, offering gamers open-world action involving a lot of gang-warfare gameplay, vehicle customization and character customization. The second game in the series allows for even more customization, giving players the option to create either male or female main characters, and featuring a number of customizable “cribs” that work as a home base for the player. You can find everything you need from walkthroughs and cheats, to reviews for the game here at Bright Hub’s resource guide to Saints Row 2.