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Rise of Nations Screenshot- One of the Best RTS Games of the DecadeFirst invented by video game designer Brett Sperry, the acronym RTS, or real-time strategy game is a sub-genre of PC war games. Any action in a real time strategy game does not progress in turns, unlike turn-based strategy. Here, the player has complete control over his units and structures, which he can maneuver and position at the same time without waiting for his opponent’s turn.

However, there is a constant debate between turn-based strategy gamers and RTS fanatics. Turn-based players argue that real time strategy is a rush game, where players with more units have more chances of winning than their opponents. Real time strategy fans debate the slowness of a turn-based strategy and argue that real time strategy encompasses several features, including base building, resource gathering and technological development – all in real time, thus negating the possibility of sluggish gameplay.

No matter where you stand on the debate, it can't be denied that RTS games have a devoted following for good reason. Some of the best real-time strategy games include Command and Conquer, Rise of Nations, Warhammer and other top games. Explore our guide to read game reviews, walkthroughs, tips and expert commentary.

In-Game Screenshot of Rise of Nations, Courtesy Big Huge Gamesand Microsoft Games