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RPG Games: Your Guide to the best RPGs

Dragon Age: Origins Promotional WallpaperRPGs, or role-playing games, are games in which players take on the role of a particular character, often in a high fantasy setting, and play through a story arc, much like an interactive novel. By taking the role of the main character, much like an actor, the player must make decisions as they believe the character would act, and may enjoy different storylines or responses based on their decisions.

The origin of RPG games is pinned on pen-and-paper (also known as tabletop) gaming. Due to its broad terminology, many games may be classified as RPGs, although some gamers will argue that only games in heavy fantasy settings, or posing party management, turn-based combat, or other requirements are met to classify a game as an RPG. Universally recognized RPGs that have been popular in recent years include the Final Fantasy game series from Square Enix, Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age from Bioware, and even Pokemon from Nintendo.

The guides below focus on helping you not only find the best RPG games, but mastering them as well.

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