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As a player of WoW, some of the racial abilities can be a great help in playing. For instance, when playing my Draenei shammy, the healing abilities of the race come in handy in the case I've run out of mana and can't use the magical heal or the tech skills of the gnomes to make bombs. Pretty cool.
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Guide to Racial Abilities in MMO Games

In many action and adventure games, a player is able to perhaps choose characters that are not human, from elves, dwarves, tauren, andGuide to Racial Abilities: Info, Tips, Articles, and Advice froloks. The reason many beginners are told to pay close attention to their choice of character, especially in MMO games, is because of racial abilities. These are extra special abilities that a certain race has that gives extra points to a certain stat. For instance, in World of Warcraft, the Draenei are adapt at healing, giving these characters the ability to heal themselves and others.

In this guide to racial abilities, we'll look at the different games in which feature these extras, as well as the characters that have them and how these abilites can help a player.