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When I was playing World of Warcraft, I was on a PvP server and actually hated it. Oddly enough, my friends also hated it, so the decision to join a PvP astounded all of us. While it's one of those thrilling things to kill something unknown, it can be a double edge sword when getting ganked.
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Research Guide to PvP Servers

When signing up for an MMO - or massive multiplayer online - game, aside from which class or race chose, there's also the question ofResearch Guide to PvP Servers which server type a person should go with - the PvE or the PvP server. PvP servers, that is player vs player servers, are those where not only do players confront and fight the monsters of the game but that of other players. These are usually played up by opposing factions within a game - like the Horde vs the Alliance in World of Warcraft or that of the Jedi vs the Sith in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Here we'll look at these PvP servers - what they are, how players sign up for them, and what to expect.