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I personally do not like PvP, despite being on a PvP server while playing WoW. For some people though, there is a certain thrill in that some of the characters you are fighting are people in real life, therefore, they may be unpredictable.
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Guide to PvP Combat: Info, Tips, Articles & Advice

Sometimes, killing the same type of monster over and over again can get stale and boring. For that reason, some players enjoy the A Guide to PvP Combat: Info, Tips, Articles, & Adviceprospect of PvP combat. PvP stands for player vs player and is an optional component in many online and MMORPG games. In PvP, players not only can attack and kill monsters and other bad guys, but other players, giving to a sense of the unexpected in facing someone who's moves you can't predict.

In this guide to PvP combat, you'll find expert info and strategy in fighting, the games that offer PvP and much more.