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Heather Marie Kosur is a linguist, librarian, and writer who is a stickler for consistent punctuation that clarifies written language for readers and writers. She especially supports the serial comma.
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Reference Guide to Using Punctuation Marks in Written Language

Punctuation Marks of Written English: Heather Marie KosurPunctuation marks are a convention of written language that structure and organize writing for the ease and clarity of readers and writers. Learning how to use punctuation correctly in any given language is a technical necessity for becoming a good writer and, subsequently, a good reader. The main punctuation marks in written language include apostrophes, brackets, braces, colons, commas, dashes, double quotation marks, ellipses, exclamation marks, hyphens, interrobangs, italicization, parentheses, periods, question marks, semicolons, single quotation marks, and slashes. This guide to the punctuation of written language offers information about the correct use of punctuation marks in written English as well as in other languages such as Chinese and Spanish. Discover the punctuation rules for the most mundane marks (periods, commas) to the most unusual (interrobangs) in this Bright Hub guide to punctuation marks.

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