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PS3 Trophies: Your Ultimate Guide

PS3 TrophiesThe PlayStation 3 (PS3) supports a robust achievement system, known as the Trophy System. These trophies are earned by doing various tasks in the games played on the PS3, and come in four levels of difficulty (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum).

Trophies can be saved privately on a player's PS3, or they can be shared on their PlayStation Network (PSN) profile to compare with friends. Each trophy is also worth a certain amount of points, and as players unlock more trophies, they gain points, which in turn helps them gain levels of "experience."

Initially only supported by a few games, PS3 trophies are now supported by most newer games including Kane and Lynch 2, Dragon Age: Origins, DeathSpank, and Red Dead Redemption.

The guides below will help you maximize your trophy collection by leading you through even the toughest objectives in various PS3 games.