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Heather Marie Kosur is a linguist and grammarian who has written many articles on pronouns in the English language. She argues that the English case system is dead is as evidenced by the use of subject pronouns as objects and object pronouns as subjects.
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Guide to Pronouns: Grammar, Lesson Plans, Activities, and More

Pronouns: Heather Marie KosurThe traditional definition of a pronoun is a word that can take the place of another word, most notably nouns and noun phrases but also other grammatical forms such as noun clauses and prepositional phrases. Pronouns perform all or most of the nominal grammatical functions such as subject, direct object, indirect object, and prepositional complement. Examples of pronouns include you and whom in English, yo and te in Spanish, and Sie and ihnen in German.

If you are a language student looking for information on the pronoun in any number of languages, look no further than this grammar guide to pronouns. Find information on the forms and functions of pronouns in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and more. Language teachers can also find lesson plans and activities for teaching the pronoun to language students.

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