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Bright Hub's Guide to Managing Project Deliverables: A Collection of Tools, Tips, & Resources

Project Audit MeetingWelcome to Bright Hub's Guide to Managing Project Deliverables!

Success in project management is determined by the ability of the project personnel to produce the desired project goals within the budgeted time and resources. These project goals or "deliverables" are the products, information, and reports that will be delivered to the client at the end and throughout the duration of the project. They are thus the main focal point and concern of any project manager.

But where the projects goals are complex or the project resources are either very limited or unpredictable, then staying on top of the project team's output can be a real challenge. And this challenge intensifies if the manager assigned to the project has had little or no prior experience leading projects.

Bright Hub's Guide to Managing Project Deliverables, provides the new project manager an assortment of easy-to-follow project planning templates, how-to articles, and resources related to managing all the deliverables of project including: how to write an effective project charter, how to conduct a project audit, delegating authority, and how to handle unexpected contingencies.

The articles and resources on these pages are pulled together from the most popular project management articles at Bright Hub and are continually refreshed. Be sure to also check out the other informative channels at Bright Hub. Bright Hub's professional community of writers and editors develop thousands of articles each month in the areas of project management, business and computing, as well as a range of topics in science, art, and technology.