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The All-Inclusive Guide to Project Charters

ConductorLooking for information, templates and samples to create project charters? This all-inclusive guide has it all. A project charter is essential in the planning phase of any project, no matter what project management methodology you choose. What is so special about this management tool, what’s it used for, and do you really need one?

Think of charters as the one place or document that controls all phases of a project, and sets those phases in stone so to speak. Charters for projects should be short and to the point and include all steps, objectives, the project scope, deliverables, budgets, risk management plans, project controls, authoritative powers, and perhaps most importantly, a realistic budget.

If you consider a project as a group of tasks that must get you from A to Z, then the use of a project charter is your guide. Starting a project can be a huge challenge but if you dig right in, you’ll have a lot of difficulty getting from A to Z, or reach a successful end.

The 31st President of the US, Herbert Hoover said, “About the time we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends." This is true of unorganized, charter-lacking projects. If you don’t have a design or template to follow or a charter that is available at all times to every project stakeholder, not only will the constraints or “end" of the project be impossible, it won’t produce wanted outcomes, on any level. Think mass confusion here.

Project charter examples and templates follow a specific form and function as the lighthouse of the project. Its nucleus affect is unique because during challenging times within a project, the charter can be referred to, keeping every element or task of the project inline and on time with written directives.

Instead of moving forward without this directional and information packed project management tool, this guide to project charters offers top reasons on why you need a charter, acceptable formats, and even free downloads such as project charter templates and examples.

Before you begin a project, imagine what would happen if the charter phase was skipped? Instead of guessing how a project will flow, this all-inclusive guide to the project charter and its importance will answer all your questions, includes scenarios and challenges, and offers free and detailed templates and samples to create a charter, or the conductor tool of any project.

Image Credit: Conductor (Paul Sherman)

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