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Heather Marie Kosur is a linguist who focuses her studies on the verb system of the English language. Despite her grammar education during her primary education, she is well-aware that English has only two verb tenses: the present tense and the past tense.
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The Present Tense:

The best definition of grammatical tense, which roughly relates to actual time, is the expression of location in time of verbs, which represent actions and states. The present tense is a grammatical tense that allows language users to perform speech acts in the form of sentences or sentence fragments in which the action or state occurs in the present in relation to the utterance. The present tense also allows language users to express futurity in some languages such as English and Spanish.

If you are a language student looking for information about the present tense, look no further than the following grammar guide. Learn to conjugate verbs into the present in languages including English, French, Spanish, German, and Latin. Also find the rules for spelling verbs conjugated into the present as well as how to use the present tense appropriate in many languages.

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