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Andrea Coventry has been working with preschool children for over twenty years, currently in Montessori. She loves to share new research and activities, both within and outside of Montessori.
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Guide to Preschool Children Activities, Resources, and More

Preschool children love to learn new things!Teachers of preschool children are constantly on the lookout for the latest research and new activities to try in their classrooms. The Bright Hub Guide to Preschool Children is full of all of those things. Information is geared toward those who are considered typically developing, as well as those with special needs. Find what fits your classroom's needs. Activities contained within may be appropriate year-round, and some may be seasonal. Research is shared to keep teachers up-to-date on the latest trends and findings. Advice and ideas come from fellow teachers of preschool children, so their words are tried and true.


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