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As an avid online gamer, I've spent countless hours connected to the Playstation Network through my PS3. I enjoy playing with my friends online and the Playstation Store always has something new and awesome to check out.
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Playstation Network LogoAny gamer who's ever spent a few hours playing Resistance, Killzone, or Call of Duty online on their PS3 is already familiar with Sony's Playstation Network. Offered free of charge (unlike its biggest competitor), the PSN allows gamers to connect and play with one another online, download the latest game trailers, movies, demos, and even full games, interact in the virtual world of Playstation Home, chat with their friends, and even browse the internet.

Our collection of articles covering Sony's Playstation Network contains information on the greatest games, features, and downloads on the service. Our team at the Console Gaming Channel has logged countless hours on the network, and pass that experience on to the reader.

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