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Guide to Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants versus ZombiesYou may have played tower defense games that revolve around space, war and other themes, but Plants versus Zombies takes this genre to a completely new level. You step into the shoes of a homeowner disgusted of zombies inflicting damage to your garden. To repel zombies, you plant a variety of plants that will help you stop the infiltration and protect your well-tended garden. The game involves strategic thinking and resource management. You will have to spend in-game money on seeds wisely and choose plants that inflict the maximum damage on hoards of zombies.

Besides Windows Operating System, Plants versus Zombies has also been released for the iPad and the iPhone. There’s also a Nintendo DS version down the line, and will be released somewhere around 2011. The game is known for its addictiveness and fun moments. This guide presents the best articles on strategies and puzzles that will help you steer clear of most of the game’s hurdles. You will also find the ten best zombie-killers that can inflict maximum damage and protect your garden.