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As someone with an interest in IT, I actually learned about the actual term as a writer here, though I've experienced my share of fake emails before knowing the actual term. It's actually interesting how people are still trusting online, despite the fact that danger lurks everywhere.
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Guide to Phishing

More and more people are coming online, thanks in part to the emergence of social media and networks, as well as the convenience ofGuide to Phishing working from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. And with so many sending personal information online every day, there are those out there just waiting to take advantage.  

In this guide, we'll look at phishing. No, not the recreational sport where you catch fish, but the online threat that hackers and thieves use to get your personal data and information. We'll view articles on what exactly this security threat is, where it came from, how you can identify if you've gotten a phishing link or been brought to a phishing site. Most important, learn how you can avoid being a victim and what to do if you are one.

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