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Jean Scheid is the owner of six pound-saved puppies and often fosters all sorts of animals for her local pet shelter (Stray Hearts) and the Best Friends Shelter located in Utah. A fierce animal activist, being a member of PETA offers reward upon reward for Jean and all animal lovers.
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PETA Helps Animals Courtesy of Jean ScheidEven if you aren’t a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, Bright Hub’s guide to PETA offers topics that will interest you. Get the lowdown on what companies use animal testing for the products you use along with shopping guides for products that are free from animal tests. If it’s PETA recommended food you’re interested in, find the best restaurants and cities that PETA backs as well as how to turn your life around and love those vegetables and skip the meat. For those who are PETA backers, this guide to PETA will enhance your membership and even offer some upcoming trendy topics you haven’t heard about!

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