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The Ultimate Guide to the World of Pet Lovers

While dogs and cats are some of the world's most popular pets, many animal lovers prefer their lizards, snakes, walking stick insects, hamsters, or fish. No matter what your favorite animal, you'll find nuggets of interesting information in this complete guide to the world of pet lovers.

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Browse our article library for information from top Bright Hub experts on topics for animal lovers like:

  • Best books, movies, music, and gifts for people who love pets
  • Where to find animal lover organizations, forums, chat rooms, networks, and dating sites
  • The best and worst places to take your pet shopping
  • Where to dine out with your pet
  • Best and worst businesses for animal lovers

If you have questions about pets and the people who love them, we have answers. Bookmark this guide as you'll want to refer to it frequently for answers, tips, and other resources.

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