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Pesticides have become an everyday part of life. From growing a better lawn to saving trees from disease and even to producing larger crops, pesticides are used everywhere. But where did they come from and what are the made from? What pesticides are safe for your children and pets, and which should you avoid?

Learn the basics of pesticides, as well as their history, and which you should use in this collection of articles written by Bright Hub contributors. The newest articles, as well as those voted best by our community of writers and readers are available in this guide.

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Super Weeds: How Big of a Problem Are They?

Man has been competing with pests and weeds for food for over 8,000 years, since the beginning of agriculture. If we take a look at the scoreboard, who's currently winning?...

Benefits of Organic Vegetables

The benefits of organic vegetables range from health to environmental. This article lays out some of the biggest benefits of buying and eating organic vegetables and gives you some...

Effects of Pesticides on the Environment & Human Health

Pesticides are designed to control pests and disease-causing organisms, and while this offers some benefits to society, the downside is that they are by their very nature, harmful to...

Natural, Safe, Non-Toxic Pesticides for Home, Garden and Pets

Insects and parasites affect humans, pets and their environments. Having a green home does not mean you have to live with these pests. You can eliminate insects and parasites with natural...

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Pesticides in Homes: A Hidden Danger

Using pesticides may help keep unwanted bugs away but it comes with a price....

Pesticides in Fish and Water and the Effects of Bioaccumulation

Bioaccumulation is the accumulation of pollutants in the organs of fish and animals. It is a problem for humans because when we eat fish, we ingest these same pollutants, like pesticides...