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I'm actually enjoying the use of my smartphone as a PDA, thanks to the majority of different apps that can be used to keep track of things. This is especially useful as I find myself moving again in less than a year.
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In times past, a personal assistant was someone who would help you get your work done. Whether it was making phone calls for you or Guide to Personal Assistant: Info, Tips, Articles, & Advicewriting up documents, a PA is still somewhat a common occurrance in some work environments, usually as part of an internship. However, for many the personal assistant has turned into the personal digital assistant, a device that can keep our schedules, alert us to new things and finds.

In this guide, we'll look at the role of the personal assistant - what they do and how they help with the average work of a fellow professional as well as the new PDA, that of the smartphone and the various apps that bring the PA to us with very little cost.

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