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What is there to say about Star Wars? I've been a fan since I was kid, though it's only in my adult life that I have become more of a Star Wars nerd. I absolutely LOVED (am in love?) with the Knights of the Old Republic video game and am counting down the days to which The Old Republic will be out.
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Original Star Wars Trilogy Guide: Articles & Information

A long ago, in a galaxy far far away... Star Wars has become part of our culture since the original series ushered in whatOriginal Star Wars Trilogy Guide: Articles & Information we now know as the Star Wars craze. What is it about this film series that captured the attention of society? Not only was their an original trilogy, but there's a prequel trilogy, tons of merchandise, series of books, and of course video games.

The announcement of the first MMO offering from game giant BioWare and Lucas Arts has many fans looking forward to finishing the story that was started in the Knights of the Old Republic series. In this guide, we'll check out the original trilogy (the best and only trilogy as some fans will hold) and how this six set of movies and it's characters has ushered us into fan heaven.